This pain in my rib
shows no sign of easing
and the rain down the curb,
obsequious and pleasing,
is weaving a plait, a woven tapestry
meant for me,
made by me.
It trickles to remind me,
A tickle in my mind, see,
to tell me where I am, everywhere I am
I am everywhere, the universe is me.
Every drop of rain
is birthed inside my brain,
my reality is sane. 
'Cause I said so.
Now this muscle near my lung,
right below my bottom rung,
screams when I laugh,
jabs when I cough.
Is it some legacy to Adam,
the rib of a madman,
plotting a trap plan?
Guilt, fear, shame, sin
all a net to catch me in.
"Life is pain, so share the blame"
Catch 22: the hurt's the same.
back I go to watch the rain
paint murals on my concrete brain.
Droplets tickling turn to prickling,
the torrent starts in heady rushes,
I note how huge the brush is when heaven flushes.
How much flow will be required
to cleanse this pain that makes me tired?
This mythic bone that started Eve,
that makes us fear and fear to grieve.
Mother Eve has served her need,
we've come of age now let's proceed.
I'm more than flesh, 
more than pain.
My soul surrounds me every day.
I bathe in it, rejoice to see
my soul is you,
the universe is me.
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